The Gonzales (G^2) Lab

About the Gonzales (G-Squared) Lab!

Welcome to the Gilbert Gonzales (G-squared) Lab!!

Our motto was created by undergraduate students (pictured left) in 2020: "scientia non opinio" is Latin for "science not opinion."

At the Gonzales Lab, we value high quality evidence, the best available data, and careful research to answer the most pressing health equity and health policy issues.

Most of us study LGBTQ+ health disparities and how public policies may narrow or widen disparities in access to care, health services utilization, and health outcomes for LGBTQ+ populations. We are housed within the LGBTQ+ Policy Lab at Vanderbilt University.

Read more about our current and former members below.

If you are interested in joining the G-squared Lab, please email the Principal Investigator at

Current Members of the Gonzales Lab

Nathaniel Tran

PhD Student

Health Policy

Nathaniel is a population scientist who uses quantitative and qualitative methods to study the role of public policy in advancing LGBTQ+ health equity.

Their research focuses on evaluations of state-level medical religious freedom restoration acts, health benefits of state-level sexual orientation and gender identity protections, and vulnerability and supports for cognitive decline among sexual minority patients. Their first-authored research has been published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Cameron Deal

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Public Policy & Mathematics

Cameron conducts research at the LGBTQ+ Policy Lab on a variety of topics in health policy, political science, and economics that intersect queer populations. His research on health disparities and the effects of policy on LGBTQ youth has appeared in JAMA and JAMA Pediatrics.

Cameron aspires to pursue a PhD in Economics or Public Policy to study health economics, economic history, and applied microeconomics broadly.

Riya Doshi

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Philosophy & MHS

Riya is currently working on a project assessing health disparities faced by transgender people of color. She is also working on a project analyzing how sexual partner gender affects bisexual adolescent health.

After graduation, Riya plans to attend medical school and earn an MD/MPP to work in medicine and health policy.

Harrison Stuart

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Economics & MHS

Harrison uses econometric decomposition methods to measure the extent that discrimination and stigma contribute to observed mental health disparities between sexual minorities and heterosexuals.

Harrison is a member of the Data Science Institute's 2022 Summer Research Program. He intends to attend medical school after graduation.

Alumni of the Gonzales Lab

Lee Robertson

Lab Manager and Undergraduate Research Assistant

Researched mental health disparities in trans people of color for a study published in LGBT Health.

Now a clinical psychology PhD student at Florida State University.

Kyle Gavulic

Lab Manager and Undergraduate Research Assistant

Honors Thesis Student

Researched health expenditures among same-sex couples (published in Medical Care Research & Review) and the role of the Equality Act for LGBTQ health (published in AJPH).

Completed an honors thesis that examined pharmaceutical drug spending by health insurance status.

Now enrolled in the MD/PhD program (health policy track) at Yale School of Medicine.

Lindsay Mosca

Honors Thesis Student

Studied cervical cancer screenings in sexual and gender minority individuals.

Now working as a clinical research coordinator at Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center.

Nicole Quinones

Graduate Research Assistant

Researched health outcomes and behaviors of sexual minorities, a study on pregnant sexual minorities published in Women's Health Issues.

Now the Data and Research Coordinator at CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health and enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Minnesota's Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration program.

Maya Taylor

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Studied the health of bisexual women (presented at the International Conference on Health Policy Statistics and published in Women's Health Issues).

After graduation, Maya worked as an HIV health educator at an LGBTQ social service agency in Chicago. Maya is now in the Fulbright Program in Bombay, India where she will be studying India's Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act.

Marcus Bennett

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Researched transgender health outcomes across states with varying levels of trans-affirming policies which is forthcoming in the Journal of Health, Politics, Policy and Law and presented at IAPHS.

Now enrolled in the MD program at University of Louisville.

Abinaya Ramakrishnan

Lab Manager, Undergraduate Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant

Researched access to mental health and substance use treatment for individuals previously involved in the criminal legal system and identify as LGB - presented at the 2022 ICMPE conference in Venice, Italy and forthcoming in Psychiatric Services.

Now an MD student at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA under the Geffen Scholarship.

Rohan Patel

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Researched the number of sexual minority and heterosexual young adults that may be impacted by the Trump Administration's Tobacco 21 Law (published in Annals of LGBTQ Public & Population Health).

Now a Strategy Analyst in Deloitte's Healthcare Practice.

Emilio Loret de Mola

Lab Manager and Undergraduate Research Assistant

Studied mental health needs (published in the Journal of Adolescent Health) and food insecurity of LGBTQ+ college students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now a research assistant at Boston University School of Public Health.

Joey Fontana

Honors Thesis Student

Studied mental health in the US veteran population as part of an MHS Honors Thesis.

Now completing a gap year as a medical assistant at an orthopedic surgery practice in Virginia Beach, VA while he applies to medical school.

Sachin Sanam

Honors Thesis Student

Researched sociodemographic similarities and differences between international medical graduates and US medical graduates as part of an honor’s thesis which will be published in the Journal of Medical Regulation.

Now enrolled in the MD program at Meharry Medical College.

Jung Hyun (Joony) Seo

Teaching Assistant, Lab Manager & Chief-of-Staff

Led website development and evaluated assessments for Professor Gonzales' health policy course.

Now an MHA Candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and an Administrative Resident at Howard County General Hospital.